The Guide

We hope that lots more people will want to put on Creative Minds Conferences and Events. We think that this will keep everyone talking about quality in learning disability led arts.

Two Dancers Performing

We have made a guide to show other learning disabled artists and performers how to put on their own events that link into Creative Minds.

You can download the guide here as a pdf to read on your computer or print out. You can also download the separate chapters of the guide.

  Creative Minds Conference Guide – All Chapters

Individual Chapters

  Front Cover

  Contents – This is what is in the guide

  Chapter 1 – This is what Creative Minds is about

   Chapter 2 -This is why Creative Minds started

   Chapter 3 – A brief history of people with learning disabilities in the United Kingdom

   Chapter 4: -Setting up and supporting the Committee to run Creative Minds

   Chapter 5 – Committee Jobs and Meeting Rules

   Chapter 6 – Creative Minds Agenda

   Chapter 7 – Things to talk about at the Creative Minds Steering Committee Meetings

  Chapter 8 – Creative Minds Conference Questions

   Chapter 9 – Creative Minds Conference Timetable for the day

   Chapter 10 – The Creative Minds Conference Ground Rules

   Chapter 11 – Where next for Creative Minds?

  Conference Guide Index file