Carousel presents: The Rock House Festival Saturday 29 July 2017, Green Door Store, Brighton Form a disorderly queue – Carousel’s monthly Rock House gigs for learning disabled and non-learning disabled bands morphs into a day-long festival. Eight years ago, Constant Flux promoter Richard Phoenix and musician Tom Cook started a band night with a difference. It was born out of a desire by the learning disabled musicians they worked with to regularly play and perform in front of a mixed audience in their hometown; the focus was to provide as much stage time as possible for these musicians. Fast forward to 2017 and The Rock House has become a monthly fixture at the Westhill Hall and now The Green Door Store, with bands such as Joy Rides, Witching Waves and Octopuses playing alongside Daniel Wakeford, Beat Express and Dancing Rock Queens. To celebrate its success and give the stage to more bands and a bigger audience, Carousel is promoting the first Rock House Festival, on Saturday 29 July. This is a unique event, breaking down barriers for musicians with and without learning disabilities to play together in front of an enthusiastic, integrated audience. It’s as different and as forward thinking as anything else you might see in Brighton. Ryan O’Donovan, guitarist with Zombie Crash sums it up: “As an artist with special needs, singing and playing guitar in studios and on stage has always been where my worth as an individual lies. There’s nothing else that can equal that. Whether it’s with Beat Express, Zombie Crash or when playing solo, there’s a reason my catchphrase is “Always out to rock out”. It’s because I don’t let anything get in my way to do what I love. And even if I never become some massively successful rockstar selling out arenas worldwide and charting high, I won’t give up what I already have. I make all the use of it that I can.”

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