Bharat’s Review

In this review I will be talking about the Jungle Book which was on at Derby Theatre on Thursday 11th April. This was a new take on the story and this took me by surprise. I thought the physicality of the actors portraying the characters was outstanding and they made the audience believe that they are these actual characters in this story instead of actors playing the characters. In their physical movement, I thought the costumes were marvellous which represented each of the characters’ quality and identity. I liked the songs all the songs, especially Shere Khan’s song, which was creepy and dark. Having live music on stage really made a difference in the performance as well. The set design was super great and huge. Their vision for that storytelling set design was perfectly executed as they transported the audience into their world.  I thought overall the performance was terrific and captivating. The actors went all out and completely dedicated themselves to the characters they played as they immersed themselves into the roles.  In this version of the the jungle book young baby who grows up one day know as Mowgli raised by a wolfpack  who later decide at a council rock meeting

Laura’s Review

I like the story line and I also like the music because it was different to what we use in our drama group and it was different to the well known film. I liked the way the humans turned into animals and i saw all the cast using the Laban efforts and the qualities that we use in actor training. I would like to do another workshop but with all of the cast members from Jungle Book, as I liked the mini workshop we did with Nicky (from Derby Theatre). I did not the loud noise because it hurt my ears and it stresses me out because I can’t hear myself think.

Izzy’s Review

On the 11th of April Hubbub did a workshop with Nicky (Derby Theatre) and the workshop was about Jungle Book and we use some of the animals (Bagheera, Mowgli and all of the other animals). I found the workshop very useful and also, we got a scene of what goes on in a Jungle Book Rehearsals and it would be useful to do a workshop with all of the cast members so that i can meet all the cast members. Tuesday 9th of April with Jen Sumner And Laura Ryder and i really the show and also i really how the people in the show used BSL to tell the story, the songs and how they used the BSL like a dance and i never took my eyes of the stage because it was very captivating, and I thought the costumes were amazing even Shere Khan’s costume was wicked.


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