Sick Festival 2017 at the Meeting House, University of Sussex

I found lots of the small bits of this show very enjoyable. Claire Cunningham says of it that as someone who doesn’t follow a faith she realised that she didn’t know or understand how various faith view disability. So she went on a journey to find out. I, like her, am non-religious and the show made me feel uncomfortable. It brought up feelings I had in church in the catholic school I went to as a child. So I was a bit put off by all the religion.

I liked the talking, which was slow and easy to understand. I liked it when she was talking about mobility.

Her dancing was elegant and I liked her use of teacups throughout the show. It made me feel as if I was in someone’s house. She has a nice singing voice, though I didn’t like the religious songs.

It was nice that we were sat in a circle, though the seat was a bit uncomfortable. It made me feel really part of it.

The best bit for me was when she went round the audience asking us “What do you love” I found it really engaging.

Although I felt uncomfortable with some bits of the show, I like how she did it. And I look forward to seeing another show by her.

One last thing it would have been good if the Sick Festival had signage. We had trouble finding the venue

Sarah Watson


GUIDE GODS by Claire Cunningham PHOTO CREDIT Brian Hartley

(Photographer: Brian Hartley)

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