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Review of Zootropolis

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Zootropolis Film Review

In the world of Zootropolis, mammals both prey and predator have evolved beyond their savage ways as shown through a children’s school play performed by our protagonist; Judy Hopps. She dreams of being a police officer despite everyone saying she can’t. Through a training montage she grows old enough to leave her countryside home and move to the big city.

Being the first rabbit officer in a department mostly run by large, strong animals she is unfortunately undermined and given the job of meter maid.  But despite this she tries the best she can when she runs into Nick Wilde. A fox conman who may have info on some strange disappearances going around town.

The mystery leads the two all over the place, meeting crazy characters and encountering all sorts of dangers. Will they be able to solve this case?



This is one of the best looking Disney movies so far, I don’t even believe it could be topped. Not only is the detail in the texture of the characters and world absolutely astounding but it had this nostalgic effect on me, like I was a little kid reading a well-illustrated story book. The city is an absolute marvel.


The movie makes its message clear early on and makes it the focus of the films conflict. I won’t say what it is, but it ties in strongly with how each animal views each other that mirrors current problems going on. The idea of the world also opens up to interesting districts within the city that the characters visit. There is an arctic district, a desert district and a rainforest district with the main hub in centre. It’s very cool to see.

I also would like to mention the plot twist in the film, which I think works brilliantly with the message and is easy to understand.



Each actor matches their characters personality very well, Ginnifer Goodwin plays an optimistic and determined Judy Hopps who is a very relatable role model. Jason Bateman fits into the street smart fox; Nick Wilde. They all fit except for one and that’s the character of Gazelle played by pop star Shakira. She sings the title song very well but as a character she isn’t very interesting. I wasn’t very convinced that she was really embracing who her character was and she sounded a bit awkward even if it was a minor role.

I haven’t even mentioned the really funny side characters but they do well to move the story and keep conflict around for the two protagonists to go up against.

Overall Zootropolis is not just a beautiful and creative movie with good comedy, its commentary on society is going to remain relevant to this day and is guaranteed to be a modern classic. Not just a good film for kids, but a relevant contribution to the animation genre and medium. Chances are it might change people’s perceptions on what animation could do with adult subjects in a way audiences can understand. I give it a 10/10

Will Hanekom

Review of the London Comic Con 2015

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I went to London Comic Con 2015, a convention dedicated and themed around current popular media such as comic books, film and videogames. I went with my friends Jason and Terry, we explored stools which sold merchandise, games, artwork and costumes; speaking of which. Many people who come to these events dress up as characters they like from popular works. The term is called cosplaying.

It was easy to get lost in and it had a slightly surreal vibe but it was very friendly in terms of staff and other people participating. It was also an exhibition for the creativity and inspiration.


If you weren’t going to see any performances, contests or live shows. Just simply seeing the effort put into the costumes of characters people are playing is a must see. It was very much like going to a theme park dedicated to everything you love. The best one I saw was a man on stilts portraying the character of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare before Christmas.

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Towards the end of our day at comic con, we had to collect weird food they were selling at the stools and try them out. I got every flavour jelly beans. Unfortunately the flavour I tried was Dogfood, which was awful. But it made for a fun game.


It was easy to get lost, and I didn’t bother to see that much other than the stools. There were live shows going on, but I wasn’t interested. Nor did some of the stuff I was looking to buy seem that interesting.

Overall a great experience, highly recommend. I need to make my own costume next time.

Will Hanekom

Review of Felicity Hammond exhibition at House 2016

Felicity Hammond

A HOUSE/Photo works co-commission

Show Room: The Language of Living

The University of Brighton Galleries,

154-155 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0JG

30 April – 29 May

The Venue

This used to be an American Express office. One floor is now part of  Brighton University only 1 floor.

Felicity Hammond “photographs digitally manipulated images from property developer’s billboards and brochures and prints them directly onto mouldable acrylic sheets, which are contorted into beautifully crafted, offer large scale, sculptural objects”.

Her idea is really quite interesting and colourful, alight with bold greens, pink candy floss colour and blue sky colour.  Greats to see the cucumber and blood orange prints. I had sense that l was in a land was in world full of candy sweets. The first visual thought that came out my brains was the Disney animation Wreck-It Ralph and then after the prints of cucumber made me them want to eat them – a cucumber  is one my favourite fruit.

Felt inside it wasn’t fully finished and needed bit more of something. I kept wanting more. For me I would like to have seen more so I could have said more. I like the idea of how she thinks about stages in her art pieces. l only saw the exhibition at Edwards Street, she has as another exhibition on same dates which is Portals: The Language of Living at Hoardings on Circus St,

Sarah Watson

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Review of Annie the musical at Theatre Royal Brighton

I went to see Annie at Theatre Royal Brighton.

I really enjoy the show I would see it again.

The singing was very good and it was very inspiring.

The scene design was amazing; I like how they set it out whole play. It was fun how they got the crowd involved it felt exciting.


When it was the interval it got very crowded it only two door open and everyone was pushed to get out for the break. The break time was very too short, the show was long and it needed a longer break.

I really enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone.

Tina Dickinson


Review of Gillian Wearing exhibition at HOUSE 2016

Gillian Wearing – A Room With Your Views

A HOUSE/Brighton Festival co-commission

University of Brighton Galleries, 58-67 Grand Parade, Brighton 30 April – 29 May

I went see the house launch for Gillian on Friday 29th May


The exhibition is inside dark green house with little cute lights outside. l loved the colour. Inside it is dark and has a medium sized screen and some bean bags.

Inside it lacks the feeling that you are in a house and as somebody said it would be nice if they had few table lamps, some cushions, chair, settees and other furniture and if the screen was like window so you had the sense that you are in a lounge.


People worldwide had been invited to send in short video clips of their curtains or blinds opening on a view from their window.

The films have good quality sound and each clip kept me focused and makes think of when I go on holiday. When l goes to a place and stay in a hotel the view from the window can be inspiring and makes you feel happy. Or it can make you feel doom and gloom and want escape from hotel room. From window you see things good or bad that you might not notice at other times. The exhibition made me think of this. The idea behind the exhibition was so simple and perfect. With the few changes as l said this can be an excellent film screening exhibitions.

Sarah Watson


Review of Thompson Hall’s HOUSE Festival 2016 exhibition

Thompson Hall – Home Away From Home

A HOUSE/Outside In co-commission


The Regency Town House

13 Brunswick Square, Hove

30 April – 29 May

The venue for this exhibition was a house with beautiful architect and structure. It really worked well feeling like you are in a house and not museum.

I like the boldness of the colours in Thompson’s paintings.  Each piece of artwork he creates has different art techniques in the fine details. For instance in one of his paintings he uses gold and silver paint to create a 3D effect on the railings giving them a shine when seen from the distance.

There was a video in the first room I went into how he makes his work and the techniques he uses. This helped to make sense of his work.

I didn’t know there were monsters in his painting because it wasn’t obvious until I heard him speak at the launch. After this it’s made complete sense when he told us that they were based on his high intense anxiety. I can relate to how he feels because I have the same things with mine – it’s like dark bleak shadows creeping over me.

There another drawing where there were 2 doors – one going into a parallel world it makes wonder what it would be like if l chose the that world

Going to Thompson’s  launch gave me courage to that me or everyone with or without disabilities that can do have an exhibition.

Overall l really enjoyed this.


Sarah Watson

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The Relaxed Concert at Town Hall & Symphony Hall, Birmingham – 10 April 2016, 3pm


Town Hall and Symphony Hall in Birmingham are putting on The Relaxed Concert with James Rowney, Little Jim and Orchestra of the Swan on 10 April at 3pm.

They’ve created a unique concert in a relaxed setting to introduce you to the music you might know and love, as voted for by the families in the Autism West Midlands network.

They’ve thrown the rule book out of the window, so don’t mind if you clap or cheer, talk or laugh, or even dance if you want to!

Click here to find out more and book tickets:

If you see the concert, please share your thoughts below! 

Into the woods review

On the 7th February I went to see Into The Woods, produced by Bede’s Academy. It was a piece of musical theatre. There was puppetry, special effects, singing and acting.
I went because I like theatre and I’ve seen the film and wanted to see what the difference was.

The actors were young but very good and I was really impressed with what they could do. I like the costumes they were really funky. They were all really good singers.

I would recommend this event to others because it was done by amateur actors and they put more effort into it. I think it would be an  inspiring thing for other people to see. Anyone who puts their mind to something can do it.


Kirsty Whiley

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Rock House at The Green Store on 16th February 2016

Beat Express at The Rock House - photo by Dave Lavis

Beat Express at The Rock House – photo by Dave Lavis

On cold rainy evening at the entrance there is no clear sign that it is the Rock House and I nearly got confused and went into men’s toilet, that needs a visual sign for the toilets. But I liked the colourful feel. It feels like a bar and with a nice atmosphere. I felt so welcome.

The tickets cost £3.00 each carers go free which really cheap.

The Carousel staff are really helpful, welcoming and so friendly.  They provided earplugs which is great.

The main stage/ dancing area can sometimes feel bit claustrophobic in places depending where you are, like the seating area. Sometimes the PA can a bit too loud and I was wondering if the bar area is also quiet area. Forgot to mention the dancing area can be crammed like fish sometimes. Except that everything is really good.

 The live acts are:

Dancing Rock Queens
Catherine O’Rourke
Punching Swans
Beat Express
Dancing Rock Queens

I really like Laura singing, she’s lively, loads of energy and fantastic and also drumming is good too. I just want tiny bit more oomph. Otherwise it’s perfect.

Catherine O’Rourke

Is really good at what she does, there’s nothing needs to change. The songs are quite similar to others she sang. The only thing might be to think about experimenting with new things or take the next step but that might be me. Keep going on with what you’re  really good at.

Punching Swans

Reminded  me of  the style of Nirvana and “Smells like Teen Spirit” and they were so cool. When l listened them l was thinking of Kurt Cobain.

Beat Express

It’s was really great that they engaged the audiences,  good to hear the old song they made. I will be looking forward to hearing their new stuff and what’s coming next.



With the tiny changes taking place it will get even better and l really enjoyed it and seeing stuff which I wouldn’t see at Blue Camel Club. I’ll come again.


Sarah Watson

Thompson Hall: HOUSE 2016 Selected Artist

T_Hall_5_1.jpg600x480_Q90   unnamed   thompson 1

Thompson Hall, ActionSpace artist and Creative Minds legacy group member, has been co-commissioned by HOUSE and Outside In to produce a new series of paintings entitled Home Away From Home.

Thompson, has recently made a series of paintings based on British cities and for HOUSE 2016 will make new work to be shown at the iconic Regency Town House, Hove from 30 April – 5 June.

Thompson works in a variety of media, specialising in acrylic paint and pastel painting scenes and objects encountered on numerous physical and virtual wonders around the towns that have intrigued and fascinated him. He depicts the world in vibrant technicolor. Thompson is a registered artist with Outside In, who support artists that see themselves as facing barriers to the art world.