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“Professional” or not?

DW tour July 2016_westcreative3

Can we call the work of learning disabled artists and performers “professional” if they aren’t being paid? Is no work by learning disabled artists and performers “professional”? Or if some is and some isn’t how do we decided which is which? Join the discussion at  CREATIVE MINDS NORTH June 15th in Manchester

Is there still a lack of opportunities for disabled actors, or are they widening?


I am a BA Theatre Arts (Performance) student at Middlesex University. My final year essay I have chosen the topic of disability artists, specifically actors. I am currently researching the obstacles disabled actors face in their early career development. And am posing the question, is there a lack of opportunities for disable actors today? In […]

RE Corali’s performance at the Creative MInds conference

I noticed that the first half of their dance focused primarily on the individuals within the group and their own physiology, while the second half focused on the relationships between them and the pairings, triads, chains of movement thereof. Speaking purely on a professional level, I found the second half of higher quality than the […]