GUIDE DOGS: Claire Cunningham

GUIDE GODS by Claire Cunningham PHOTO CREDIT Brian Hartley

Sick Festival 2017 at the Meeting House, University of Sussex I found lots of the small bits of this show very enjoyable. Claire Cunningham says of it that as someone who doesn’t follow a faith she realised that she didn’t know or understand how various faith view disability. So she went on a journey to […]

Candoco at the Dome Brighton

Beheld - Alexander Whitley_3

CANDOCO was a dance piece with two halves. The first was a dance piece, the second more comical. In the first piece, I particularly liked when Tanja did her solo against the backdrop with others holding her hands. When she touched the backdrop, the areas lit up as she connected with the other dancers, it […]

Mozfest 2016

Mozz Fest 2016

I went to Mozfest in London on 30th October 2016. I really enjoy how it was set out -it was all on different floors and a lot of different things to do on each floor. In one of the rooms there was a storytelling game. They got the audience involved in reading the lines or […]